Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Being an avid fan of Benji, aunty Helen (one of the owners) helps to groom the dogs there. I salute her as she's able to groom Qooki. This boy is so naughty becuase he does'nt let people clean his ears! :( Each time we send him to Benji, he gets groomed as its part of the package during his stay there.

Took a snapshot of Qooki after his stay at Benji.

*i love it when his paws are clean with trimmed nails.

I think this was when after we came back from Korea.

Only then did I understand why pet owners send their pets for grooming sessions.

We don't send him for grooming sessions, unless he stays at Benji. The sis was mentioning to me if we should pamper him with a spa treatment for his 5th birthday treat. Oh... his birthday is on 11 July. Hmm... Shall KIV this suggestion!

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