Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Uber a grand old age of 3 years...1 month and 1 week old! Ok lar, our boy has his ways of making us laugh at his antics, weird or not.

I was eating a cookie before dinner one day, he spotted me (normally he'd not bother about me but because he was tussling with us over the pellets, snacks and non-pellet food became more attractive), he immediately jumped outta the cage, plonked his furry butt down and looked at me.

He doesn't quite mind getting wet these days...usually he'd resist sitting down on the wet floor..but recently...he does it with much amusement.

The thing abt Qooki is..the more you holler at him, he'd insist on doing certain things just to get you hollering, including slurping soapy water. :P

boy oh boy.

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