Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bailey's been in and outta the house quite a bit, causing quite a stir with the darling...hehe, *competition* Weird but everytime he hears Bailey's owners voice, he stops dead in his tracks, sniffs really hard for any whiff of the competitor. ;P Uber cute.

He's better behaved now! At least he doesn't bark like a lunatic anymore...or insist on getting his own way. yays! AND...he's back to eating pellets!! *awesome* *beams* That saves ALOT of money and time feeding him...His other jiejie can vouch for the feeding time spent. heex. Well, better for his health too!

Many thanks to Eukanuba for converting this die-hard canned food lover. =)

A piece of sad news...US Doggie Bakery closed its doors near us!! :( Oh well...qooki hasn't been patronizing em much either...just another option closed. sigh. ;X


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