Saturday, August 25, 2007

The lil fella is waaaay past his 25 months...

Newest trick up his sleeve...chilling on the soil...seemingly cooler than on the ground.. (:

He still gets startled from his snooze every single time the gate opens..this kaypo nature of him better change...hehex.

some pics I took of him...back dated! :P

He looks so tiny here...guarding the side...

rolling on the grass...showing off his agility prowess.

his usual way of saying bye bye..hahaah...can't wait for his appearance in ST Life! (: whee!!

Sleeping like a log...AND still guarding the pots. haha.

Feeling utterly drowsy...

took this from a farrr distance...he usually gets into position when the gate opens..

took this today...he refused me a pic. BLEAH!

that's him...he LOVES to chill in the cage with the cage door open.

strutting his stuff.

damn, i love the boy. (:

1 comment:

cookie said...

I was so thrilled when I see myself on the papers on Life too!
But I had to wait a few months before that happened :(
So you have to be patient too ya?
Just be ready to purchase 2 copies of the paper so you can laminate them all~!

PS: I am pretty heavy now too :(