Monday, July 16, 2007

Apologies for the late updates...but the darling is already TWO!!!!

Yabayabadoo! (: He didn't quite understand the fuss we created on his birthday...I even asked him "It's your birthday tomorrow, do you know?" ahahahaa...he stared at me with his doeful eyes...blankly.

The boy...rounded up for the treat. Looking not the least bit anticipating..ahhaa.

Sprawling like a spoilt brat at US Doggie Bakery. ok lar...we made him sit. :P

Like a tua kong..hahaa..i like this shot...made himself really comfy...

the fuzzy fuzzy pics started cos another dog was excited to see him...kept whining and inching forward then backward...hahaa...our darling *thankfully* kept his barks at bay. -phew- wldve been really embarrassing if he started a bark-fest.

the treat of chocolate flavoured cake and lamb pizza. Was utterly pissed with the lady when she replied most curtly "You can read it for urself" when i asked what other flavours there were. SUCKS. Wrote a complaint letter which was promptly received and replied to...The reply goes as follows, verbatim.

"Thank you for your feedback.
On behalf of our staff, we apologise for the incident. We shall look into it immediately and work on our service delivery.

We ask that you give us a chance as we are pro-senior citizens - however, that age group is more challenged in terms of service.

Once again, please accept our sincerest apologies - we'll work on immediately."

Close up of the lambbity tasty...!

We headed to the private room...doggie tissue dispenser!

the boy and his cake...was so distracted with his surroundings he cldnt keep still.

he's as tall as the table!


hand fed the lambity bits.

He didn't finish his food...ended up having to da-pao home. pffft. What a waste.

2 years have flown by...a joy to have..albeit pesky at times. Mommy's darling boy...Che Ches' sweetheart and Daddy's "son". We have always loved you, will continue to love you for as long as you'd let us. Honestly, we can't imagine days without this rascal...cos he's so part of our lives...we'd always think "will qooki like this?"..."better go back soon...what if he's afraid of the dark?" "that naughty boy...he'll be hungry if we don't go home soon."

the rascal snugly in lalaland.



Cookie said...

Hey hey~ it's me Cookie~, the other "cookie"! Remember me? :D

I recently had my 1st birthday too~ And guess what we share in common again? US Doggie Bakery too~!

Here to share my happy day with you~
Cookie celebrates her 1st birthday, together with Sunday Times!

Cookie said...

I just realised my birthday is close to yours too~
08 July, 06 though.

paws and regards,
the little cookie

Fickle shopaholic said...

Hi cookie!!

*waves* happy belated birthday to you! hee...

how are you doing? uve grown up to me a fine young lady..(:

i used to love USDB alot..not so much these days..i prefer mommy's home cooked stew..:P