Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm sure...the british artist has made quite an impact by eating corgi meatballs...claiming to be protesting against the royal family's hunting of a fox... As a corgi lover and a corgi owner...I find it absolutely distasteful and childish. Just because you cannot stand what the Queen does, you deliberately eat what the Queen adores. A tit for tat kinda behaviour? Best of all, eat a corgi that died...and claim it wasn't "killed" for consumption. Utter bullshit imo. Who'd in the rightest of minds DARE to eat an animal that died and not killed? It is poisonous btw.

Anyways...that was Qooki quite a while ago when he wasn't feeling too good and was still pretty alright with a camera in his face. These days...he's asserting himself more...BUT, that makes him uber cute. =P He knows what "Look at me" means...(: Hope he'll learn how to play frisbee soon. hehe.

Moving closer to 2 years...he's been a joy to have.

Read more here. Complete with video. Disgusting.

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