Thursday, May 10, 2007

The darl just chilling with his face on his paw...
so cute.
22 months tmr...
it's been a long 22 months...
and he's still growing...and amazing us with the ability to understand us.
"No peeing on the floor"...
and the boy seriously does not pee on the floor.
He was barking incessantly at a poor iguana today
i feared he'd bark till its ear drums broke...
haha...but yea...he was barking to tell me
"hey jie, look at it!"
i turned round to go and he quickly scurried to me and ran back to the same spot the iguana was...
when it disappeared...he was almost sorely disappointed.
retreating to the same position above.
paws cupping his face.
to me,
that was almost child-like...
throwing a tantrum.
we still love him more than we ever did.
for all the naughty things
for all the heartwarming moments
that's our dearest companion,
qooki, the very pampered.

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