Saturday, November 18, 2006

The rascal is becoming naughtier...bahs. He's learnt the knack of barking incessantly upon turning 1 year and 4 mths. He barks to show the strength of his lungs. gawd. haha...

wellwell...he's got his weird habits that gets to me...such as pee-ing on the floor! when he's next to the grass patch. O-k. Lemme try to explain why he isn't "paper-trained". The design of his cage is such that either he pees in his cage or outside..the newspaper cannot be lined in the cage because it's a pull-out thing...if you can visualise it. SO...since pooches have an issue with "pooing and peeing" in their "sleeping areas"...Qooki is no different. He will (99.9% of the time, with the exception of the other time being so ill that he just peeed in it) relieve himself in the garden. So yes...his habit is getting on my nerves cos he'll just pee in a puddle and stand there, letting the pee form a puddle around him. *oh gawd* That results in more work since he'll get his paws thoroughly cleaned thereafter. My boy loves creating more work for us. hahaha..almost forms a reason for his existence.

well well...he is quite a runner these days! Despite the added weight..he can run mighty fast...dashing round the garden like a true blue champion~ ^^ I think..he's beginning to show more corgi characteristics...i.e. becoming so lazy even to move sometimes. You open the cage door for him to jump out and play...he decides to jump back in for a snooze or just to nibber his toy, when ure not looking. haha..

saw a tri-colour corgi the other day! pretty sight!! =)

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