Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hello everyone!!! I am Qooki's other owner. Decided to blog about his life too.... hah.... Just to let all my fellow pooch lovers n my pooch mates know... Qooki has RECOVERED from his minor illness. *cheers* In fact, I dont mind if he gets a little sick sometimes cos he is rather tame when he is sick. haha!

I want to thank my mummy for looking after Qooki when he was sick... hah...
Thank you:
mummy ===> for feeding my darling with cosy everyday as he didnt have much appetite.

I lurve the way the sashimi treats are packaged. Most importantly, its goood food. SASHIMI ! ! ! *sigh* Guess wat? WHen we were all so excited about the sashimi treats, my dear boy doesnt like them at all. They smelly like salted fish cubes. Im so sad that he doesnt like them at all because I was expecting him to love it. I even tried putting them in his dinner but he will eat everything except the sashimi treats. Point noted: he doesnt like fish!!!!!!!!!!! =( waste our money! haha... Qooki can sleep really well after he drinks milk. =) *snooooze*

Hmmm.... i realised that he likes to bully me whenever I feed him. He will leave a few palets in his bowl and wait for me to feed him. Such a bad boy! Ohhh, he loves the new treats daddy bought for him. They look like the pedigree chicken twists.... and they smell real good too.

Yesterday I visited US Doggie Bakery and they were selling pau! Finally.... they dont sell pau everyday. I like the way the present it cos they place all the pau in the wooden dimsum container. I find it so cute and interesting but I dont think Qooki will like to eat the pau cos they look so hard and dry. If I didnt remember wrongly, its lamb liver pau!

Now, he is busy playing in the rain and barking at the thunder. hahaha.... ok, time to catch him back into his cage.


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