Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mr Qooki has been...nothing short of funny this week. :P

Yest...he was left on his own to play in the garden...he found the newspapers lining his cage sticking out...so he decided to take things into his own paws and tear them happily. He was so thrilled..he wanted to tell somebody abt it...he barked and barked...nearly tearing the house down...he wanted to tell mommy how smart a boy he was.

Today...we let him out to play the whole day...thrilled so thrilled was he..he refused to take his nap...but ended up succumbing to fatigue next to the water pipe from the washing machine. ahhahaa...was sucha sweet sight! He propped his heavy head onto his paws and snoooozed. Pity I didn't snap a pic of him...but yep, real sweet sight!

He scared us today when he ran all the way to the front (with the gates wide open) just to see the garang guni man take the newspapers away...thank goodness he stopped there to look...can't imagine if he really ran off!

I decided to play a trick on him over dinner...After the usual sit-stay for dinner...I asked him.."Qooki, you want to play or eat?" His ears pricked up and he lept outta the cage. ahahaa...he understands! :P

I dont want ur treat...I want the smelly shirt...*laughs*
Now there's a yummier slipper!

Don't take my picture! *jumps!*

Happy Birthday Jie!


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