Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Apologies for the pic turning out this way...it's Angel food for Qooki! Sashimi. Smells reallllly fishy. And not cheap. :/ Basically just cubes of dried fishy fish.

that's him! He didn't love it, as much as we'd wanted him to relish it.

Soon enough, he'll be 16 months! Time really passes SO fast. He's more aggressive this month...returning to his love for tearing newspapers up...maybe it's cos of his looooooong nails that we've not gotten down to snipping. *ugh* He has his way of scolding ants...snails...He loves running of with stockings and chewing them to no end. *hahahah*

He still loves his milk. Which explains his weight. He's getting so heavy...we can hardly carry him for long...=_= Was just yesterday that he was a wee lil thing.

Remember the story he loves to hear? This time..the cats and birds decided to cooperate with me..they've been meowing at the right time...making him all the more flustered. :P

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