Monday, October 09, 2006

All's well for our darling boy.
He looks fierce. :P
Sends his love to all his readers..
sends his love to "Cookie" a fellow pembroke.
These days...he's learnt how not to jump and nibble at us.
And...he's getting heavier.
Bathed him alone last sat..
at least that's an improvement!!
15 months coming soon~


Cookie said...

What a nice big garden you have! Can I go play there nextime~?

fong said...

hee...sure! :) im a lil jumpy tho...:P jiejies are scared I'll bully u. *oh-oh*

cookie said...


and i like to nibble at people's legs when i get over excited!

you may frown at my behaviour :(

but i am very tendly loving when i am in the 'normal' mode~!

daddy mumbled in his sleep last night saying, "ah girl ar... when u grow up, going marry u to qooki.. mpmhhpf..mmnjfhw....vcma..."


fong said... worries...they're all normal puppy behaviour! i used to do that alot. :P


cookie said...

oooo~~ then how did you stop/discourage such behaviour?

i just can't resist the temptation of that chewy flesh~

fong said...'ll grow outta it! jiejies, mommy and daddy used to whack my mouth and say "No biting"...I learnt it somehow...*hee* way to go cookie dear!

along the way u'll have teething issues as well...ask ur daddy to get you some toys to chew...they help ease the itchy teeth!