Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A day to remember.

Qooki-darl amazed all of us!
He was barking like crazy, I thought he was barking at Mika, the husky next door. Got so bad I decided to check him out...(don't like him disturbing Mika..who's a real gentle) He was hysterically barking at a stray ginger cat. *grr*
Dislike cats in the garden cos they poop every where, sleep on the garden table, laze around as if it belongs to them..*snarls*
That cat was just starting at him. So Qooki got mad. He decided to take the leap and charge at the cat. We made a false barrier from pots of plants cos Qooki has a habit of taking off with our shoes and slippers..so he LEPT over pots and charged at the cat...like a herding dog guarding the sheep. Haha...was a funny sight when the cat got stuck half-way in the gate.. fat cat. :P


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