Wednesday, July 05, 2006

As our dear lil boy marches towards his birthday next tues..he's displaying several signs of non-puppy behaviour...

  1. He's learnt that barking high-pitched barking can get him things he wants. I gave in to that barking after 2 hrs...and let him outta the cage from 11-ish to about 6 plus today.
  2. He's digging HUGE holes!! BAD BOY. =_= He was digging near daddy's fave non-fruit-bearing mango tree..then I hollered at him. Guess WHAT he did, he stole a peek a me and CONTINUED digging, and much faster too!? *gasps* Looks like what dawn fore-warned me is coming thru...a huge nitemare. So yeps, two holes in the garden, for the record.
  3. He's chewing ice-cubes! No longer just nosing them in the water bowl. The weather's so freaking hot, it's getting to him...these days, he's breathing so hard, even in the cage.
  4. He thinks that the cat will be exactly at the position he sighted it our dearest boy went back to the pots and barked at it. Hoping it'll turn up like Mika does, faithfully. Hahah...
  5. He thinks running faster than us is a game. He likes sitting himself outside the large sliding door we've got at the every single time we walk past, he scurries to the back, just in time to poke his head into the gate and welcome you at the back! :P
  6. Sitting for food is no fun. So, he went without food today. BTW, it's not mistreating him or what,'ve gotta show our buddy who's BOSS. He's got selective listening...he knows exactly what you want from him but he just refuses to move that heavy butt...dangle a treat? That bum hits the floor IMMED.

Some gross stuff my dad told us today. Seems like he was a proud daddy too! He was telling his friends how clever Qooki jumped over the pots ytd...and the response? Pretty normal, when they get agitated. Seems that my dad's frd's frd's dog. ANYWAY, someone's dog (qooki's size) was so peeved that the cat was always loitering outside the house...*think they stay in some huge compound*...anger was boiling...everytime that freaking furball made a pass at he started digging in the garden...dug and dug...yet no one knew...dug a emerge the other side...and tore the cat apart. *SHRIEKS* No doubt I hate cats...wld think it's so gruesome. *burries face*

Main worry now: that qooki will take advantage of the situation and jump over the pots as he wishes. He's got a knack of learning things very fact, just ONCE, and the next time he knows EXACTLY where, what to do and how to do it. Was so scared that the electric gate wld swing open ytd when we were busy catching him...imagine if he were to scoot off! *gasps* every owner's nite mare. :(

Vids to be up...soon.

Still haven't figured out his birthday says a treat at doggie cafe...I say a muffin and a plate of treats. haha.

*Our buddy's turning ONE!*

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