Thursday, June 08, 2006

Qooki's feeling better already! *whoopee* Though not completely "normal" as yet..but he's better~

Root of problem: Washing powder on the floor.

I so wish I can stop his tongue from anyoldhow licking things.

For the record..he's been pretty well-behaved..possibly because the washing powder made him queasy and he's allowed into the house and he just sits prettily. *haha* he watched tv with us yesterday! *so sweet*

Time for delayed pics...

Q: I dont like it...*hrmpf*

Q: If i sit properly..will you take it off?

Q: I let you take..u must take it off hor...

Q: HMM..the camera doesn't seem so intimidating anymore...

Listening intently to our conversation...haha..

So cute! his head looks enormous tho..with all the fur fluffed up.

Daddy giving him a good

Q: Ignore don't take if off for me...

Finally he decides to face his butt to us. Very corgi-like. :P

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Jamie said...

awww...haha, handsome pup!!
glad he's feelin beta!~