Sunday, June 11, 2006

Our dear boy is back in action. Full of energy...and all his bad habits are back! *frown* haha..but that makes him what he is...lols.

His birthday is a month or so! =)

Either creamy yummy cakes from GreedyPetBakery or USDoggieBakery . I'd prefer the former but the cake sizes are kinda huge! And visually very appetizing..haha. (: Anyways..i hope he'll be better upon turning one!

Sth really interesting happened sis and I were watching some corgi vids on youtube and she decided to bring Qooki basically 3 of us were watching some really cute corgi puppies and they were our dear boy started barking after them! *smiles*

Just the other day too...watching women of times...he barked hysterically at one scene scaring the hell outta us. :) Funny antics he's got, sometimes.

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