Sunday, May 07, 2006's been ages since I've blogged..for Qooki.'ll be better after monday! Plenty of videos of him...he'll be turning 10 mths really so0n! =) We're planning to get him a birthday cake when he does turn 1..*haha*

Some far.

  1. He's gotten to the idea of getting bathed with a waterjet..previously it was hard work getting the water boiled...making sure the water was lukewarm and getting enough pails to store all the thankfully! He doesn't mind (in fact, he loves) cold water...! Realised that Qooki can swim..rather his front legs will start moving , as if swimming when he's dipped in water...haha, cant wait to bring him to the sea one day for a dip!
  2. He kinda likes disturbing the husky next door...we call her his "girlfriend" and boy, Qooki's a real monster..demanding one. He'll bark for her and she'll perch over to try to see him and Qooki will keep jumping at her. :)
  3. He loves bellyrubs! The moment any of us starts rubbing his belly, he'll turn sweet!!
  4. Qooki moves in his sleep..wonder what he dreams about when I see his limbs moving..ahhaah...
  5. Cute habits he has developed...He only listens to the green bowl for commands, i.e. sit, stay, go! Anything else he cant bother two hoots.
  6. He can beg pretty well...
  7. And jump pretty high...way to go those short legs!!
  8. His favourite snack at the moment: Chicken pieces from JerHigh.

That's all!! More to come, really so0n~~

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