Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sporadic posts. Sorry for the lack of updates! Wonder who visits Qooki's blog tho. <-- Someone just gimme a comment or anything?

Qooki's becoming a big boy. Learning new things everyday. I've been watching quite a few programmes on Animals and Living, cable channel. In particular, Cell Dogs, dogs trained by inmates to become service dogs i.e. to be the "eyes" of the Blind..and basically allow them to lead normal lives. Touching because...dogs can do turning off lights...bark on request..lead its owner to desinated places...cross the road when the traffic lights turn green. Amazing..tho' Qooki won't be able to do half as much. hahaa..oh well, he is but a pet dog. I shouldn't expect so much outta him..

One thing he has plenty of :) As a dog, he is particularly hyper..i've been pondering if there's a jack russell in his ancestry..but nonetheless he gets me laughing at the slightest things. Unlike most dogs, Qooki's got a he wants things done a particular way...and some may say it is pampering..and he playfully nips at us..occasionally a bite. =_=

He loves baths now. He allows us to just spray water on him and remains very very still while we shampoo him. Quite a feat for a baby who needed 3 people just to bathe him previously! This is called "growing up"?

Just today...he did sth that warmed my heart. =) I've been a little low lately and I told him.."Qooki, sayang.." (I kinda think he knows what "sayang" means cos mommy always calls him and gives him a nice pet/rub) Anyway, sayang means sth along the lines of "pamper". So he gave me his paw and licked my hand. That moment was magical. For a poochie that doesn't know "paw"'s plain sweeeet.

For once, I understand what they mean when they say "Dogs are Man's Best Friend". He may be a little hard to handle..he's got my love. And I've got his!

Will try snapping some pics of that naughty bundle of joy soon. *hee* More updates soon!

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