Friday, December 30, 2005

It's been a while since I've posted! *hee* from the start, it's meant to be a weekly affair...should I close this? *hee* Not many far as I know, It's just miwachan and 33...hee...neways, will just use this to keep memories of a growth chart? *laughs*

The past couple of weeks has been quite eventful for Qooki boy...He's stopped his lessons temporarily...ok, we took the advice of the petshop delay training till he's about 6 mths old, apparently he'll be better then...but at the looks of it...Qooki doesnt quite like being other words, untrainable. hahahah...actually don't like using 'untrainable' on him, he's just attitude-y...learns at his own pace.

He dropped his first tooth! ;) Quite a surprise seeing a tooth in the cage...much smaller than ours, but pretty sharp one I'd say! *no wonder his bites hurt* haaa..

Xmas was quite happening for him cos' he received his first xmas present! A neck-scarf! White with red paws all over...he didnt mind it cos it's light and not obstructive like a chokechain/collar...

Recently he's been having diarrhoea...a purrrfect example of a pooch that eats too much than his tummy can handle...*haa!*

He'll be turning 6 mths real quick...entrance into puberty and all...pretty fast...soon he'll be an adult!

To a great yr, woooooof!

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