Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I'm allergic to dogs. hrmpf. unexpected allergy. Not that Qooki will be sent away...hahaha, just have to wash my hands more often. :)

He's not been behaving himself lately...defying commands and turning aggressive..All part of having a male pooch, as suggested by a certain family frd...*hrmmm*

Wish us luck, in trying to postpone his lessons to the next class...hopefully he'll be better at 6 mths old...or so it's suggested by the petshop owner...everyone says a different thing...As a first time pet owner...everything new sounds as mom likens it to being a "first time mom" when every fall/new insect bite warranted a visit to a doc...*teehee*

His love for food is absolutely undeniable. Give him a bone, he'll call me "mom". Or worse, follow a stranger home! *oh man*

*woofs* and a merry christmas!

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