Saturday, September 04, 2010

Warning: If you fear insects, please navigate away from this page!
The fleas grew and grew! Busy sucking poppy's blood!
Can you spot the flea?


The fleas are are fat and stick onto his body for their dear life.

There were some in his ears but I did not manage to get a picture of it.

"Take all you want lah jie! There's a flea on my eye, ears, butt, paws...everywhere!"

"Enough! Stop taking unglam pictures of me!" Hehehe!

Fret not! There is'nt a need to visit the vet as the flea medicine and shampoo (which can be bought from any pet shop) works wonders! The sis and I agree that poppy having fleas is much better than his skin allergy.

Remedy Time!

I realized that the trick is to apply lots of flea medicine on him! Like ALOT of flea medicine. Its my first time trying this new brand of flea shampoo and it smells really nice.

Poppy hated it when I sprayed the medicine on him. He just does'nt like the feeling of spraying something on his body. I sprayed some on my hand and rubbed it on his body. Oh, his ass was infested with fleas too. GROSS!

Thankfully, he's almost well now! Just need to continue applying medicine to prevent the fleas from haunting him.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't find Accurate brand effective in removing fleas/ticks. Frontline is the most effective

chloe said...

Ooo... it was effective for qooki at least. :) will try 'frontline' next time. (eh, wait a minute, i hope there is'nt a next time for fleas! HAHA! :p)