Friday, June 11, 2010

If your dog is fat, you're not getting enough exercise.
~Author Unknown

I laughed the moment I stumbled upon this quote. It reminded me to Qooki's walks. Everyday Qooki goes for his daily 10 minute walks along the park connector. Or rather, he insists (talk about being stubborn) on going for them despite the rain or sun. If I don't, he will bark incessantly until he gets it! :(

I hate to admit there are days when I feel lazy to bring him out for his walks but I always remembered what Mummy casually mentioned during our conversation...

Me:" Mummy, I'm so lazy to bring poppy out to walk!"
Mummy:" How can you deprive poppy of his long awaited moment of the day?"

My heart always wrench whenever I recall what mummy said because when I put myself in Qooki's shoes, I will be very upset if my owner does'nt bring me out for my happy walks. Don't ask me why I put myself in poppy's shoes... I wonder why too.

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