Sunday, May 02, 2010

What does Qooki do on a lazy afternoon?

Snuggle onto the chair and probably assuming its his. *_*

'Jie, I want to warm the seat for u'

And he refuses to come down... UNLESS.... *chaing chaing.... i mention words like 'dinner' or 'close door'. We wonder why he hates it when we close the windows or doors. Mummy said that he just dislikes the sound of closing the windows or doors. HARRR? I think that Qooki is afraid that he can't hear the outside noises or see whats happening if the doors are closed.

Lately he has been sleeping in the wash area cus he keeps peeing every night in the kitchen! But today he did'nt pee! Mummy said that its because he does'nt want to dirty his sleeping area.

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