Sunday, June 06, 2010

I used to feed him palettes, bread, can food... ever since his allergy, we started him on a home cooked food diet! Thanks to mummy for religiously cooking them. He used to have boiled potatoes for his main source of carbs, but his stools became a tad soft. Now, he has unpolished rice! Now we know why he's always on the chair!

Wondering what Qooki eats to have nice fur? Keep reading...

Unpolished and white rice with dory fish

Add in abit of skin viatmins


Qooki needs to sit before he's allowed to eat his dinner... a good chance for me to take all the pictures I want.... hehe.

"Better not look at the food which will distract me..."

"Hmmm... let me peep a little"

"Can already anot?" (pardon the blurry picture *_*)


"*sigh... have to wait so long! persevere!"

Ok... good boy! Can eat already! Noooomnoooom!

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