Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3am he was up all night barking at the inconsiderate neighbour who decided to tear down her backyard. Ungodly hour. Grossly inconsiderate. Like a baby, I had to soothe his fur, stroke the fur-butt, explain to him everyone's asleep including the magic phrase "mommy's asleep, she has to work tomorrow." before he willingly slumped down into utter silence. All the way to daybreak.

Sounds like nursing a baby? And trying to regulate the feeds?

I've got a furry version at home.

This morning, we found him snoozing on the deep slumber. One thought struck: Wasn't he supposedly too heavy to lift himself onto the chair anymore?

Then we all realise; what makes Qooki Poochie so different from the rest...he actually thinks. He knows what we're talking about...he's almost like us.

Pictures of him this weekend, I promise! Weather's getting too hot for his liking.

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