Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I have to tell you how much of a poseur the boy is! Maybe like his sisters who love camwhoring so very much...

We chanced upon a heart-shaped potato whilst making his dinner...

First he squinted..then glared..and looked uprightly hungry. =P

Behaving like the matriarch of the family..sitting by the lawn waiting for the heads of the household to return..when I tugged at his leash, he pawed flat refusing to budge. TSK. Big bully!

And he's growing up mighty and strong and still terrorizing us on a daily basis. GUESS WHAT I FOUND AT THE TOY STORE!

A stuffed corgi puppet! Complete with stubby legs and white socks...if it weren't retailing at $60-ish I'd have lugged it back for him! :(

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