Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's interesting to know that our dear pooch's blog is being read by fellow corgi/dog lovers alike! When we first started this was mainly to jot down the rascal's milestones and misadventures..and this list of misadventures seems to grow exponentially to his age. :x And...we're still dealing with discovering them! It's bizarre knowing that they are smart enough to know not to repeat the mistake but making another in a somewhat similar fashion...for instance, telling qooki to to bite the slippers..he would stop at the Dad's but proceed to the Mom's or take fancy in the washing machine pipes...or plastic bits that he finds around the house from buttons to what have you that can fall out of appliances!

Just going to list a few of our ways of dealing with this energetic furball..and on a rascal-o-meter, see how he compares up!

Bad habit 1: He barks too much

He is particularly intrigued by the fellow furries, foreign sounds (especially closing of doors!!! It amazes us to no end when he can tell if you're closing something, no noise is made when you open doors or gates or cupboards)...lizards, toads..cockroaches..humans even. And he barks..regardless of time. Yes, past midnight included. Just last week, he was barking at an "intruder", a harmless frog that had all the audacity to leap into his sleeping area...getting him to calm down took quite awhile, having to shoo the stunned frog away was another task altogether. In times of overbarking, our dear pooch responds better with loud verbal threats (depending on how fixated he is to the object of interest). If none else works, dragging him away with other distractions helps.

Alternatively, we verbally warn him that we are "going to close the door and find the ball" and he somehow knows of his barking tendency, he'll go grab a chewtoy to chew about how much they really understand you.

Bad Habit 2: He gets very carried away with fury

For things that irk him and frustrate him, he tends to jump and throw himself all's quite a sight, really. We usually lock him up in the study room for a while so he will be "away from all the frustrations" and till he calms down...he's not getting out of it. And weirdly enough HE KNOWS!! Whenever we threaten him with "If you misbehave, you're going inside.", he'll lie down immediately with the most doeful eyes and saddest of expressions...horridly manipulative!

Bad Habit 3: He defies "No peeing in house" rule

Our dear boy is exceptional when it comes to expressing his displeasure if the Dad did not play ball on time with him or if we leave him out of activities or try to overdiscipline him...he challenges all these by peeing in the house! Thereafter, refusing to look at you or faces his back at us. GRR. Still working on how to correct that but on normal days, he can hold his pee quite well..only relieving himself in the garden as and when. I think I mentioned before that he took his pee one day by himself when the Mom casually mentioned "It'll be nice if you can go aside and pee, Mommy's busy now." Lo and behold! He did so! LOL...was quite amusing for all of us.Generally dogs do not like peeing where they for him in particular..he'll hold it and pee outside as much as possible.

Bad Habit 4: He eats anything you drop on the floor

You name it, he's probably attempted to get them into his tum..the only way is to dangle more attractive treats ranging from peanuts just to divert the attention. Most of the time, when I drop anything...I try to not create sucha huge commotion just incase he scurries over to lap it all up.

And some of the other traits our dear pooch engages in;
  1. He loves watching mommy cook, sitting on the chair watching her from behind.
  2. Sleeping on the chair curled up like a cat with his tail dangling...I'll show pics soon!
  3. When he gets emo, he gets real emo..
  4. He's so into pawing now, he pre-empts his paw high in the air even before you ask him to..and seeing him balance is uber funny!!!!
  5. Lying flat when you tell him it's time for a bath and you have to literally drag him into the bathroom!
  6. Sits on command only when he really wants something so bad...ranges from a walk to mainly.
  7. He still runs round the garden in circles when he's in an ultra good mood!
  8. His way of telling you he's done with the pee-ing and poop-ing? By heading back into the house.
Some other humanly possible tricks we wish he'll pick up in this lifetime;
  1. Play'll be so fun!
  2. Fetch the paper from the porch..of which he only tears it up or attempt breakfast out of it. :x
  3. Walk without a leash..

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