Saturday, March 14, 2009

The 4th visit to the vet, the 2nd review per se.

He's still got the itch going on, but way better than the last visit a month back. Doc checked his ears and commented they were slightly "moist", i hope nothing massive derives from that. Otherwise alright but medication has to continue. *phew*

Another month's long worth of medication and you hear the bank go "ka ching!". We're thankful he's healing...and regardless of cost..We all want his old fat self back (minus all the bad habits).

An update of his barky self, we've change his sleeping position to somewhere with fewer distractions, the balcony. He did pretty well the first night. *pats on the head* He literally slept through the night, giving us one full night of sleep. Oh god, that sounds like we're all looking after a baby who doesn't grow older.

We discovered new things at the of which pains us.
  • The pigmentation on the skin will never go away, a stark reminder that he used to have a skin allergy/infection. :(
  • Dogs can eat cranberries ! Even durians if they can stomach it.
  • Lamb and fish are the two main types of meat that are best for dogs.
Get well qooki! We took him for a walk the other day...he seemed to have lost his friendliness, opting to bark and growl at others. Ah well, let's solve one problem at a time first.

I've uploaded all the pics from the cam to the comp, will do a pictorial post on this whole freaky thing called allergy soon.

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