Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The darling's got a new sleeping place! Not in his cage at the back the front of the house to "jaga" when we're away and soundly sleeping. HAH! He barks at strangers..thankfully not ungodly hours..even at 4ish am in the morning..he's one tale-teller eh?

The other day, his bustler (that plastic thing round his neck) gave way and he had a field day scratching himself..another patch of wounds..but he's getting better. :)

He attempted to runaway too..sigh. That's him, doors are open and if there's an opportunity, off he goes. Thank God he stopped to pee! :S

Just yesterday, he dug a hole in the garden.

That is the darling for you, despite not feeling too well..being destructive is his 2nd nature. Teehee!

At least he knows not to poop and wee in the house!! HAHA. The mom coined those terms whilst trying to "toilet train" him after so long.

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