Monday, December 15, 2008

His fungal infection didn't stop...blew up to something more serious. :'( Ended up at the vet's only to be taken to the treatment room, his butt kena shaved a huge rectangle of of his hind paws...and he came out looking so forlorn and naked.

Plenty of medication to follow. Sigh.

I hope he gets better. That's our handsome boy...looking so funny now..but we still love you all the same qooki-boy! We allowed him in the house with a leash...twas really funny anyways.

He was confined in the cage for an entire evening after the doc's visit..the next day when he was let out..he didn't scoot off as per normal...he just stood there..pretty if too shy to show the world his bald patch.

We beckoned him into the house..and he just stood there! Under normal circumstances he'd just run in! *must be the medication*

We left the house to run an errand only to find him sitting in the kitchen when we returned! LOL.

So for the rest of the day, he spent it idling in the kitchen, sitting by the dad, then the mom..then accompanied me watching tv. That's HOW a dog should be rite?? I felt weird with him being so obedient though.

What really pained us was seeing him scratch (when the medication wore off) until it bled. :(

Get well soon, darling.

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