Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Qooki poochie...doing well! As per usual...but I think he kinda lost abit of weight cos of the switch from canned food to dry food. Oh wells...I'm trying to sell off his cans of canned food..any takers?

Nature's Gift...in veal, beef, lamb and chicken 4 flavours...Leave me a tag or comment and I'll get back to you asap! I've got about 20 odd cans to sell! No worries about the prices though, will be better than retail for sure!

Some pics of the darling of late, he's mastered the art of posing for my camera! At least he doesn't bark like mad anymore...still can manja..lol. =)

I went to the SPCA World Animal Day over the weekend too but without him...pictures much later..but now let's enjoy the handsome..haha. He's got an allergy...left him scratching like nuts...nearly tearing off the fur on his thigh..thank goodness for the jab today..if not, he'd be bald in no time!

uber cuteness...


under the leaf's good...

Kua simi kua!

look right

look left

there, his most handsome. :P

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