Friday, August 01, 2008

We missed him like mad while we were away BUT, apparently the boy did not miss us a teeny weeny bit...bah!

According to the folks at the pet farm, the boy was what's new? He loves to "manja" according to them. He's termed as "the fat corgi and he kind of drove the pet shop owner a lil over the edge by peeing all over his shop and having the owner shouting and chasing him with a mop. -utter hilarious!-

On the way home..he was on his best behaviour, refusing to sit on the sis' lap...staying really still. Even back at home, he was somewhat reluctant to be back. Sigh.

I think he lost some weight, looking fitter and smaller. BUT, the best part of it all??? He's more well behaved. lols. Looks like...they did give him some treatment but we're definitely not complaining!! Better behaved now...not shouting at the top of his lungs anymore...yay!

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