Tuesday, January 30, 2007

An overdue post of the darrling and his toys.

ultimate fave...squeaky toys! we got em in every imaginable shape and size..haha
he went gaga over em..chasing, prancing...biting...chewing...cldnt capture his front view in action tho...
random goodness for the sweetheart...ah..pampered. =P
blurry..but that's him with the pinkie in his mouth

jie i dont let you see my toy..
stop rolling away will ya!
*glares hard*
his rear has gotten waaaaaaaaaaay bigger and fatter..and...yeah! He can sit and watch tv with us...w/o heavy supervision..! yays. pity he cant sit still....for long. He ran off after a while yday...causing a rackus in the garden.

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