Saturday, January 20, 2007

Now now...i got tagged by a pug-lover...*woooof!*

6 weird things about me...Qooki. *hrmmm*

as translated by my loving owner. *licks*

  1. I've got something about taking people's food and p0lishing off...ahh...the sweet lil thing next door called...*what's her name? ahhh....mika* she shared her raw hide with me today and i dragged it throughout the garden...*yumms*
  2. I like to think that I'm bigger than big dogs..ah...a showoff between me a handsome "short" chap...with let's say...a German shepherd! I don't get why my owners love tugging me away when I see one on the streets...who says shorties can't take on tallies? Love transcends all boundaries...right? No matter short or tall, lean or fat.
  3. I like chasing my twirling in circles...damn! that's mind boggling but...FUN. *winks*
  4. I hate the camera. Hate. Hate. Hate it. Don't put that thing in my face lest I bite ur toes off! *arf!*
  5. I can pick out dry pellets really lick off all the soft wet food and leave the pellets to dry. haha. I knw my owners hate me doing so...i hate dry food! And i dont get why they love mixing the two. *hrmpf*
  6. I love my nails long. Like looooong. No clipping. Any sight of the nail clipper I'll squeal like im being torched alive. :P
Now...6 no friends in cyberspce! ") but it's ok, i knw you had fun reading.

lotsa lurfe..

qooki. (:

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