Tuesday, January 09, 2007

just some updates of the darling eating...taken with the newly acquired phone! ")

he's nearing 18 months...big boy...he is. Think he's understanding us better...and we're understanding him so much more than before.

from our point of view, the sweetheart can do so much more than before...maybe to other owners..it's really nothing..but to us...we're proud of his lil' achievements.
  • he loves having the cage door open and he goes back to his cage for naps..
  • he loves sleeping next to the water hose..for some reason...
  • he loves playing in the rain...facing his mouth in the direction of the rain and tasting it
  • he loves getting "sayang-ed"
  • he sits when eating, just like a gentleman. *hyak*
  • he knows how to beg and stay begging for 5 seconds...with the aid of sth...
  • he allows us to bathe him...well just one person. it used to be 3!
  • and the list just continues.

bigger and bigger he's growing...until a friend commented..u sure he's 12kg? *chortles* well maybe not...an obese lil rascal.

the pemmies appear in The Queen...cant wait to catch that! ")


to a special friend...i know you're hurting inside. i know...and i can't say much to ease the pain...but, you'll be good rite? you'll be just fine. *hugs and kisses*


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