Sunday, September 10, 2006

As our sweetheart approaches 1 year and 2 months...and 1 year at are some updates on how he's been faring so

  • He kind of knows how to "paw" finally..he knew it all along...but a matter of whether he wants to do so or not...takes quite a bit to get his paw on my hand...and not everytime is a success..but no worries..still working on it!
  • He amuses us greatly...esp my mom. She'll be gardening...nipping off twigs, leaves...and when our lil boy's out..he'll bite the leaves angrily..hahaha...and barking at the same time. He'll only stop when my mom about wanting to share your load of work. :P
  • Qooki loves playing in the rain...sometimes we leave him out and go out...if it rains...depending on how heavy it is...he MAY seek shelter...if not, run around with rain pitter pattering on him...dirty boy!
  • He still prefers doggie food anytime over mom's lovingly prepared stews. :P
  • For the first time last week..he refused (no matter what) to let me touch his nails. He saw my nail clipper and faced his back towards me. *hrmpf*
Saw a vid of the late Steve Irwin and his pooch...Sue-E. She was sucha sweetheart...until she finally succumbed to cancer. I wept. Even when it doesn't concern me. It's the whole thing abt man and his best and my bestest friend...It scares me sometimes thinking of the time left...a'll pass real fast. Within a blink of an eye...maybe I'm being paranoid.. :(

Mom thinks...the thing with strays is...because 2nd owners don't have to pay a hefty price tag for them...they aren't treasured that compared to other dogs. I beg to differ. Maybe it's just me? As long as it's given to me...I'd treasure it muchly. Because it's a life. It's a didn't ask to be treated badly.

With all that, our dear boy's living a real good life...or so I hope! And for the remaining time left...I hope it'll be my and his best ever.

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