Sunday, July 02, 2006

Well well...our boy's been creating havoc, as usual. (:

  1. Telling mommy that he wants water in the morning by playing his paws on the water bowl and licking it. haha. I was tickled
  2. Barking at flying helicopters. Me thinks they're practising for National Day.
  3. Tugging towels down and laying his fat butt on them.
  4. Taking off with Daddy's expensive shoe and refusing to cooperate.
  5. Refusing to finish dinner without the normal coaxing and, being spoon-fed.


We've got plans to bring him swimming at the beach someday! (: Prolly coming week. It'll be cute to see how he reacts with water...he kinda loves I reckon it''ll be fun!

Ballaw's a Cardigan Corgi, a friend I made on the net. And...he's SO cute!! (:

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