Sunday, June 18, 2006

Great improvement on Qooki's part today! Albeit the brute force we had to resort to, just to cut his nails. (: *yay*

We muzzled him, put on his tight nemo shirt, and placed him on top the washing machine (cos he's afraid of heights!) BEFORE we cld cut his finger and toe-nails! all 20 of em! *woot!*

Damage done: Plenty of scratches and a sore wrist.

He was ignoring us for the most part of the morning cos' he hated the muzzle...and cupped his paws beneath his chin so that we can't reach em...haha..cute eh?

He had visitors yest! (: Think he kinda scared bh and wl by jumping on them...lolx. Ah well, a boy's more active than a female..:P

pics and vids to come! We've been tracking his EVERY move.


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