Wednesday, February 15, 2006

For the record...QOOKI'S a male. Alpha Male no less.

Miss lychee excitedly msned me: "Qooki gave birth??" (pointing to the msn pic I put up which had 3 cute puppies....)

Imagine my reaction...


Really. anyways, just to clarify once and for all. ahha..

He's still growing up. FAST. Learning new tricks every other day...He kinda knows how to "jump" now...follow obstacles a little...dig in the garden...and he's got his own secret corner behind 2 huge mango trees...

One late nite, he barked and barked. At 1230am. His owner, yours truly actually entertained him! By filling his water bottle at 1230am, no less.

Such is the life of a pampered pooch.


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